Updated... 24th. April 2017
Contact: Chris McBrien




Sadly the 99th. Entry has lost another member.



Richard David Cunnell

Who passed away on Thursday the 20th. April 2017


His wife Christine sent the following....

Richie was diagnosed with MDS is 2011 and this progressed to AML in 2015, he went through 12 cycles of chemo before treatment was stopped.
He did so remarkably well to continue on regular blood and platelet transfusion, but the
Leukaemia and his very low blood counts meant he had no immunity.
He was admitted to Addenbrookes hospital last Sunday. He received the best possible care, but sadly his condition deteriorated and he died on Thursday
20th April 2017.




The next Reunion of the 99th. Entry will be held at...


The Bentley Hotel,

Newark Road,

Lincoln, LN6 9NH.







Friday 22nd  through to Sunday 24th September 2017.




Booking Forms will be sent out and must be returned to Jim Brackley.


Extra nights are available.


The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is not available at the weekends, but the International Bomber Command Centre will be fully open as will the Newark Air Museum.


For the more academic among us there is the Cathedral and Castle, which includes a copy of the Magna Carta. (That's Station Standing Orders of 15th. June 1215).


Also in the area there is the Civil War Museum and Newark Castle.


For those who are arriving by parachute, you'll need this...




For further information on Lincoln have a look at... www.visitlincoln.com


Jim and Angela Brackley would like to say, "This 2017 Reunion is the last one that 'We' will organise."
The Entry needs to elect a replacement organiser for further Reunions.




So that everyone can see who will be attending, yet another list has been started below...


The following 26 members of the 99th. have filled in their forms.



Last 3




1 420




2 408 Knowling Chris Pat
3 447 Brackley Jim Angela
4 999 Stroud Hardy Felicity
5 452 Cole Dave  
6 414 Parker Mick  
7 462 Hardy Rick  
8 481 Rajotte Phil  
9 419 Robbins Keith Mary
10 496 White Dave Lesley
11 469 Lash George Ann
12 439 Archer 'Dan' Ann
13 391 Cozens Doug Barbara
14 445 Bowles John Jean
15 388 Campodonic Roy Carol
16 393 Davies John John ~ (Son)
17 381 Allaway Warwick Jenny
18 406 Kerry Tony Rosemary
19 515 Clarke Phil Vivien
20 461 Gordon Fred  
21 502 O'Brien Denis  
22 487 Sankey Bob Jackie
23 451 Coldrey Michael Tina
24 410 McBrien Chris  
25 492 Thompson Bob Sue
26 529 Grant Duncan  


A few Electricians braved the weather and met up at Newark for an impromptu get together...



They are obviously waiting for Sgt. Christmas to give the command, "Right DRISS".





For those who missed it and

for those who attended...


Some wet Sunday afternoon viewing can be enjoyed at...




Dave McCandless has uploaded the photos of the Reunion and the Cold War Museum.


A DVD will be available containing all of these photos along with some interesting ones showing the ageing process...




The 99th. Entry also has a page on Face Book, look 'ere...




or just go to Face Book and enter Ninety Ninth where it says, "Search for People Places and things".




This little jewel popped up on YouTube. Thanks to Denis O'Brien for spotting it...


Keep an eye out at approximately 17 minutes elapsed time for one of the most historic events ever captured on film.





Steve Wilmot has been busy recalling his/our time at Halton. At last I've managed to format the document into an A5 sized booklet. It certainly does make for some entertaining reading.

Jim Brackley reliably informs me that....

I have 49 copies of your story printed and wire-bound.


I will put them on the website for sale at 2.20 + p&p.


Some photos of the 99th's Engine Fitters
Piston Broke as usual.


Dave McCandless has been busy setting up a Website where photographs can be viewed.
There are now two CDs containing a lot of quality photos of both the 1961-64 era and all
of the Reunions that have been held. Each CD is priced at 5.00p. (Two weeks pay?)

Just click below...


......and you can see those bald patches, grey hairs, double chins and 38" waists.
(Zimmers to be added)

Yet another website has been opened by Dave McCandless...


..this site is meant to house photos from September's event.

RAFHAAA Triennial 2019
The next All ex-Brat event MIGHT be held on
Saturday the 21st. September 2019.

September 1991 with 65 attending.
July 1994 with 65 attending.
September 1997 with 27 attending.
9/9/99 with about 30 appearing over a three day period.
22 September 2001 with over 160 in total sitting down for the dinner. See photos here.... www.99th40th.co.uk

July 2004 with 14 attending.
2011 was held at the Hilton Hotel in Milton Keynes.
August 2014 - T B A

A real one will cost you 8.40p. from the RAFHAAA... Click here for Blazer Badge.


The Entry List Including E-Mail Contacts.

154 Present

14 Lost

26 Deceased

Allaway. W. J.

Barker. A.

Dave Foot (July 1971)

Allen. R.

Barnes. W. B. H.

 Ted Greetham (July 1971)

Archer. L. G.

Barrand. J. 

 Adrian Winterbon (June 1978)

Ashby. C. T.

D'Souza. S. J.

Ron Spencer  (1990)

Aspell. M. W.

Fleming. I. 

Rick Reed (Aug 1992)

Bailey. D. J.

Graham. A. 

Peter Procter (1993)

Bainbridge. J. W.

Groves. A. W. 

Mick Buck (Jan 2000) 

Bartlett. M. A.

Hunt. S. 

 Dave McKee (Feb 2000) 

Battams. J. E.

Lucas. P. 

Roy Hession (Nov 2001) 

Beasley. G.

Peters. A. 

Eddie Read (March 2002) 

Beastall. W. A.    (South Africa)

Rogers. R. T. 

Bruce Mitchell (Dec 2003)

Belshaw. P. J.

Thompson. S.

 John Bewick (Jan 2004)

Bindon. B. R.

Wells. J. H. 

  Dave Tapley (Feb 2005)

Boardman. P.

White. P. G.

 Richard Giffin (Aug 2005)

Bottamley. G. S.


 Terry Harper (12 Oct 2005)

Bower. P. M.


J. Mick H.  Viney (Nov 2006)

Bowles. J. A.


 Brian Moore  (4 Feb 2009)

Bowyer. A. D.


Duncan Ross  (April 2009)

Boyd. M. A.


Chris Bogg  (15 Sept 2011)

Brackley. B. J.


 Norman Lewis  (17 Sept 2011)

Burnell. J. K.


  Mick Elsom    (23 Feb 2013)

Campbell. B. J.           (USA)


  Trevor Stiles    (14 Nov 2013)

Campodonic. R. L.


 Derek Buckley   (11 June 2014)

Carvell. C. J.


T. Arthur Auger (19 Dec 2015)

Christie. M. R.


 Peter R. Boon  (17 Dec 2016)

Clancy. M. J. T.


 Ritchie Cunnell (20 April 2017)

Clark. P. A.



Claydon. R. J.          (Israel) 



Clifton. R. J.



Cohen. D.



Coldrey. M. J. M.         (USA)



Cole. D. P.



Collins. D. L.



Coombe. A. P.



Cooper. D. A.



Cooper. J. C.



Cooper. J. N.



Copplestone. A. J.


Coupland. P. 



Cozens. D. J.



Croft. T. E.



Cullen. J.



Daly. P. A.



Dauncey. D. A.



Davies. A. B. C.



Davies. J. H.



Davies. M. T.



Derry. I. P.



Dixon. J.



Dixon. R. T.



Dyer. A. E.



Earl. C.



Edwards. M. G.



Evans. P. J.



Everest. C. J.



Fagg. B. P.



Fear. A. T.



Fisher. A. H. L.



Fox. D. E.



Fryer. R.



Funnell. S. N. G.



Gilmore. E. J.



Gliddon. A. F.



Gordon. F.



Grant. D.



Grant. I. D.



Gudgeon. J. E



Handley. G. M.



Hardy. H. R.



Hargreaves. T.



Harvey. B. C.



Haward. B. T.



Hayman. R. C.      (Australia)



Higginson. E. J.



Hillary. J.



Hillman. C. J. C.



Hubbard. P. I.



Hyde. I. D. R.



Jackson. A.



Jackson. D.



James. R.



Jaques. P.



Johnson. E. G. 



Johnston. T. A.



Joisce. W. J.



Jones. A. N



Kerry. T. F.



King. T. J.



Knowling. C. C.



Kosh. M. C.



Lash. G. T. 



Lawrence. A. 



Lewis. S. K. 


Lindo. D. 



Marks. T. J. 



Martin. E. A.



McBrien. C.



McCandless. D. C.



Morrison. J. 



Morrison. J. T.



Murray. M. 



Myall. D. M.



Nagle. J. H. 



Nicholson. G. J.



Osborne. C. J.



O'Brien. D.



Paice. R. A.



Parker. M. J. G. 



Payne. P. J. 



Perris. A. J. B. 



Perry. E. A. 



Pinnington. A.



Potter. A. R. 



Price. T. L.



Primmer. D. E.



Rackham. R. D.



Rajotte. P. L.



Rattigan. A.



Robbins. K. L.



Roberts. A.



Robinson. D. W.



Robinson. T. R.



Robson. D. E.



Rope. B. A.



Rowe. D. C.



Sankey. R. C. K.



Seaton. D. J. 



Sheerin. G. M. J.   (Canada)



Smietana. M. W.    (Australia) 



Smith. R. J. 



Snook. T. F. 



Sobotnicki. J. 



Swift. G. R.  



Thompson.'Bob' Clive. J. 



Thurlow. P. R. 



Tomes. M. F.        (Australia) 



Tootill. K. 



Trickey. C. R. 



Tunney. P. F. 



Twidle. D. J. 



Uphill. M. B. 



Upton. D. J. 



Wheeler. J. R. 



White. M. D. 



Wight. D. S. 



Wild. J. 



Wilkinson. M.       (Canada)



Willetts. K. B.



Wilmot. S. W.      (Wales)



Winson. G. C. 



Worrall. D. M.



Wooldridge. D.



Young. P. Q. 







Per Ardua Ad Astra
Through Difficulties to the Cinema